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Rug NO 1580
Type: Persian
Design Kashmar

 Old  1950s

Size: 9,8 x 13
Material: Wool
Origin: Persia
Retail Price: $6500.00



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  This fantastic, interesting rug was hand knotted in the small town of Kashmar in the Khorassan province of east Persia, not far from Meshed. This Rug is  signed  The rugs from Kashmar are known for their fine quality. This vase design rug belongs to the family of Zirkhaki designs, where the designer has allowed himself considerable license. "Zirkhaki", which in the Persian language means "under the earth", represents items found in some of the thousands of ancient archeological sites of Iran-pots, vases, statuettes, mythical figures, etc. These rugs have enormous appeal because of their UNIQUE design, which makes them rather special. 

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